Gourmet and stunningly delicious canapes with salted salmon, quail eggs and caviar will be cooked at home for guests. A very beautiful serving of delicacy.

Preparation Time: 10 min.

Cooking Time: 25 mins

Servings: 24


Quail eggs - 12 pcs.

Lightly salted chopped salmon - 100 gr.

Caviar (you can choose not expensive types of sturgeon caviar online) - 50 gr.

Rye bread - 6 large slices





Ground pepper

Directions: Wash quail eggs and boil 5 minutes after boiling. We cool, clean and cut into equal halves. Cut the rye bread with a sharp knife into 24 squares, chopped lightly salted salmon and cut into squares (according to the size of the bread). Spread butter on bread and the salmon squares on top. Open the caviar. Squeeze a small amount of mayonnaise on the salmon slices, add the halves of the prepared quail eggs, cut side up and sprinkle with a little ground pepper. Put a small amount of caviar on the quail eggs, decorate with parsley, green onions put on a flat plate and immediately serve.